Hello, and thanks for visiting my website!

I'm Andrew Hoyle, a photographer and journalist, living in London.

Professionally, I lead the photography for the European side of CNET.com (a CBS publication and the world's largest technology website). I direct and produce photoshoots of the latest consumer technology products, high-end cars for our sister publications Carfection and Roadshow, and numerous editorial features, appearing both online and in our print magazine. 

Outside of my editorial work I am passionate about many aspects of photography, from portraiture and fashion, travel, landscape and nature. 

I have extensive experience in photographing a wide range of events, including weddings and engagement shoots. I have been thrilled to photograph weddings and love being able to bring my professional photojournalist eye to a wedding day, achieving the rare mix of candid, atmospheric shots, and artfully crafted portraits.

If you are interested in discussing working with me as your photographer on your wedding day, please use the contact form here. I would be delighted to chat with you about this.

Please note that this is my personal website and as such, any enquiries sent here about work with CNET will not be responded to. Instead, please use the contact forms found on CNET.com.